Origins of The RWCA

The Ridings Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy was founded by Sifu Tony Robbins in 1999 after deciding he wanted to teach traditional Wing Chun in a manner that reflected what he felt best characterised the art.

Since then, the number of schools has multiplied and a regional network of instructors and students has developed which covers the North, West and South of Yorkshire. Over the last few years, we have gathered students from many walks of life, who have worked in an environment where both males and females can train together happily.

The RWCA commitment to learning

We at the RWCA believe the learning of Wing Chun is a very definite process of development, with very little scope for short cuts through. That said, however, the one sure way to develop faster, is to train often, but with purpose. Easily said, but what does that mean?

It would be very true to say that practice is a huge part of developing the skills of Wing Chun but careful consideration of the specifics of the art is equally as important, because practice without it, produces poor Wing Chun results. At the RWCA, we believe that training is important - understanding is essential.

Therefore, great care is taken to pay attention to the importance of communication and discussion in the physical understanding of the learning process within Wing Chun and be RWCA teaching and grading syllabus reflects this view.

All efforts are maintained to ensure that the standard of practice and teaching by all instructors is of the highest calibre, with no question ever left unanswered and the maintenance and development of every student's skills their top priority.

Gradings are held regularly throughout the year, with compulsory delays between the higher grades in the syllabus to reflect the time needed to process and build upon the physical and mental demands the higher levels of Wing Chun practice requires.

Events in the RWCA calendar

Throughout the year and additional to regular classes, there are also a series of events that are held. Seminars are run throughout the year, focusing on specific areas within the art, as well as training days and an annual training camp which bring together students from all schools in the academy to train and learn together.

There is also opportunity with all instructors for private tuition as well as the obligatory annual Christmas bash!